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Onions are a staple in any well-stocked kitchen. Served raw, they add a crisp bite to salads and burgers, and when cooked they add a pungent, lightly spicy flavor that complements almost any savory dish--they can even be caramelized to sweetness!

Additional Description

Holy Natural's 100% Pure Onion Powder..!!

Onion powder is made from dehydrated onions, giving it a concentrated flavor that pairs well with many foods. Onion powder has an intense flavour which makes it a good substitute for salt in many recipes, including burgers, salads and soups. 

Onion Powder can be used in anything that that desires an onion flavor in, often even when using fresh onions, as the onion powder lays a subtle foundation of onion flavor while the fresh onions add strong onion hits. 

1.     Mixed with other spices and herbs to make a Dry Rub
2.     Added to Soups and Stews
3.     Whisked into Vinaigrettes
4.     Used as a seasoning in Sauces
5.     Added to Gravies
6.     Mixed in with Bread or Pasta dough
7.     Sprinkled on Pizza prior to baking
8.     Mixed into burger when making Hamburgers