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Rose petals are flush with antioxidants that can refresh your skin by fighting off free radical damage and oil overproduction. Roses are suitable for all skin types and offer amazing skin moisturizing properties for dry and sensitive skin. The natural oils in rose petals trap moisture into skin cells, hydrating and moisturizing them. 

Additional Description

 100% Pure Rose Petal Powder:

• Works as a skin toner
• Cures & prevents acne
• Exfoliates skin
• Removes dark circles
• Moisturizes & soothes your skin
• Acts as a sunscreen
• Removes dead skin

Direction to use:

1.Cleanse your face with a mixture of 1 tsp rose petal powder and enough water to cool and freshen your face.
2.It can be used in various homemade face packs combining it with sandalwood powder, honey, rose water, etc.