Garlic chutney, also referred to as lahsun chutney, is a chutney made from fresh garlic, groundnuts and green or red chili peppers. Cumin is also sometimes used as ingredients.  It is prepared in both wet and dried forms. Garlic chutney is used for cooking in many Indian homes. It is eaten either dry or mixed with yogurt, curd, buttermilk or vegetable oil. It is often eaten with fresh, hot bhakri. Garlic chutney is sometimes served as an accompaniment to chaats and khandvi. Relish this yummy garlic chutney with snacks, bhel and chaat.

Additional Description

Why Holy Natural's Garlic Chutney...??

1. Pure & fresh
2. Home made taste
3. Spicy, tangy & very garlicky
4. For spicy lover