Date fruit or Phoenix Dactylifera is one of the most nutritious foods that can either be taken fresh or consumed after drying. Dry dates, also known as ‘Chuara‘ in Hindi, and ‘Kharek‘ in Gujarati. Dry dates are known to be an all-in-one natural remedy for a number of health-related problems.

The Date powder is rich in dietary fiber, which prevents LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut. They are minor sources of vitamin-A Dates are excellent source of iron. Iron, being a component of hemoglobin inside the red blood cells, determines the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Date fruits are also rich in minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Calcium is an important mineral that is an essential constituent of bone and teeth and required by the body for muscle contraction, blood clotting, and nerve impulse conduction.

Additional Description

Eat Holy Natural's Date Powder & Stay Healhty..!!

Health Benefits:

1. Improves overall Health
2. Source of essential Minerals
3. Excellent anti-oxidants.
4. Great Energy Booster
5. Improves muscle strength
6. Maintains Healthy Skin
7. Maintains hair health
8. Nourishes Hair routes and scalp


1. Used into Smoothies and Juices
2. Also used for backing dishes like cookies and cakes etc.
3. Used for making salads
4. For a natural Date flavor, mix 1-2 tablespoons of the powder into any drink, smoothie, yogurt, or other food.

Before using Date Powder to treat any medical condition, please consult your physician.