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INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Hibiscus Tea Cut

Hibiscus Sabdariffa or flowers or Roselle are rich in vitamin C. Hibiscus Flower is quite popular for its color, tanginess and mild flavor. It is used as food additives to make tea, soups, syrup and beverages, which are rich in vitamin C. Hibiscus Tea Cut is most commonly used in herbal teas. It has a reputation for cooling effect on the body.

Additional Description

Incredible Benefits and Use of Hibiscus Tea Cut:

» 100% Natural Ingredients: Our Hibiscus Tea is pure and 100% natural. There are no unnatural preservatives and no harmful chemicals.

» Delicious Flavors: Hibiscus Tea has a Tart, tangy and fruity taste that can be enjoyed hot or cold and can be made and enjoyed from the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus, it’s caffeine-free, so you can enjoy a cup of tea anytime.

» May help in maintain Health: While hibiscus tea may contain many vitamins or minerals, it does contain vitamin C. herbal tea may provide many health benefits.

» Help Boost Immunity system: The high amount of vitamin C in hibiscus tea helps an immune system booster, and it can help fresh health.

» Help in Weight loss: Drinking hibiscus tea every day can help with weight loss naturally.

» Direction to Use

óHibiscus Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and with many different ingredients for a unique taste. Lemon Juice adds a nice tangy taste which enhances the flavor, whereas honey is used to sweeten it.

óMake hibiscus tea and it too cool and add ice cubes to cool it. Adjust honey and lemon juice as per your taste. Top it with some fresh mint leaves and serve the iced hibiscus tea.