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INGREDIENTS100% Wheat Grass Powder

Wheatgrass is the young grass of the common wheat plant called “Triticum aestivum”. Wheatgrass powder is a dietary supplement obtained from extracting the dehydrated juice of wheatgrass. It is prepared from the grass grown naturally on the field for three or more months before being dehydrated.

       One of the most noticeable (and important) nutrients in wheatgrass is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the substance that gives wheatgrass its signature, bright green colour. Like other nutrient-dense greens, it’s used in the human body for a number of important processes: It’s natural liver cleanser and detoxifier, acts like an antioxidant to reduce free radical damage, is a blood strengtheners (it has a similar chemical composition to that of hemoglobin,) and can help give you a boost in energy. Wheatgrass benefits also include being loaded with amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), enzymes which are needed for digestion, and many vitamins and minerals needed for disease-free living. It is commonly known as bread wheat and is cultivated in a greenhouse or under artificial lighting indoors.  

Additional Description

Incredible Benefits and Use of Wheat Grass Powder:

» Energize and Nourish Your Body: Our wheatgrass powder is a natural source of fiber, phytonutrients, and vitamins A, E and B12, calcium, iron and more. And because they are whole-food based and naturally occurring, making them more bioavailable as they work in unity within the human body.

» Health immune System: Helps increase your energy level, cleanse and detocify your skin looking great and helps you maintain a healthy immune system. 

» Health Immune System: Helps increase your energy level, cleanse and detoxify your body, keeps your skin looking great and helps you maintain a healthy immune system.

» Healthy Digestion: May Help in good digestion use for drinking wheatgrass juice may also help to detoxify your system, leading to reduced stomach upset and help in digestive system.

» Support Weight Loss: Drinking wheatgrass can boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Wheatgrass juice can help as it is at boosting energy levels, meaning that you can have the stamina to increase your exercise regime which will to weight loss.

» Direction to Use

ó Blend wheatgrass powder with water to drink it quickly. Add 1 tsp of wheatgrass powder to 1 cup to 3 cups of water. Use a blender to mix the powder and the water together to form a wheatgrass juice.
ó Wheatgrass powder is in smoothie or juice. Mixing it with a strong flavoring ingredient like pineapple can make it more palatable. It can be mixed with milk, honey or fruit juice.