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Neem oil is a type of vegetable oil extracted from the fruits of the evergreen neem tree. Its botanical name is Azadirachta Indica. This tree is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent where it enjoys the status as a sacred tree and cure-all. Neem oil is a brownish yellow liquid with a strong garlicky smell and extremely bitter taste. The biochemical compounds contributing to the antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic properties of neem oil belong to a group of triterpenoid compounds known as limonoids, which are also found in the citrus family. 

Neem Oil has natural anti-septic & anti-bacterial properties and can be used for skin, hair and body massage. It protects skin and fights aging, acne, fungal infections, removes dryness & pigmentation. It  makes hair healthy, treats dandruff, fizzy hair, lice and spilt ends.

Additional Description

Holy Natural's Neem Seed Oil..!!

Hair & Skin Benefits:

1. Treats dandruff & dry scalp
2. Treats head lice
3. Promotes hair growth & removes split ends
4. Treats frizzy hair
5. Smoothes wrinkles
6. Relieves dry skin
7. Fights acne & fungal infection of skin
8. Removes black heads

Other Uses:

1. Used as a ingredient in skin care products
2. Making fungicides, pesticides & germicides
3. Used as a mosquito repellent