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The benefits of castor oil for the skin, hair and immune system have long been known. Castor oil is used as a healing and cleansing oil all over the world.

Black Jamaican castor oil is not as pure as regular castor oil. This is because one of the Jamaican black castor oil ingredients is ash, which is a byproduct of roasting castor beans. Despite not being as pure as regular castor oil, Jamaican Black is no less effective. In fact, it is the ash ingredient that makes it more potent than regular castor oil. Black Jamaican castor oil has a number of benefits.

Additional Description

Holy Natural's Hand Processed Jamaican Back Castor Oil..!!

Hair Benefits:

1. Stops hair loss
2. Stimulates hair growth
3. Prevents knots in hair
4. Softens and moisturizes hair and scalp
5. Gets rid of split ends
6. Reduces hair breakage
7. Kills bacteria and fungi in scalp
8. Makes hair shinier, stronger, and thicker
9. Provides hair nutrients
10. Prevents dandruff
11. Can be used for growing eye lashes, eye brows & beard.

Skin Benefits:

1. Used to treat acne
2. Cleanses & tighten pores
3. Used as a natural skin moisturizer
4. Fights skin aging
5. Has anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal properties

Direction to use:

1. Simply massage a small amount of oil on your hair and scalp using your fingertips. Leave it on your scalp overnight before rinsing. Repeat this process every night for the best results.

2. For acne treatment, first boil some hot water and expose your face to the steam.Next, clean your face with a wash cloth, then put a small amount of black Jamaican castor oil on the washcloth and gently rub it on your face using circular motions. Leave the oil on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water.

3. For body aches and pains, take a small amount of black castor oil and gently warm it. Apply it to the painful area at night before sleeping.