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Watermelon Powder is a natural flavouring powder that is made from watermelons. Sweet and juicy watermelon is more than a popular summer fruit: it’s a dense-powerhouse of healthy nutrients, including lycopene, vitamin C, A, B-6, B-1, potassium and magnesium. The flavor and aroma of this product is of fresh watermelon.

Additional Description

Holy Natural's Yummy & Juicy Watermelon Powder..!!

1. 100% Pure & Natural
2. It can be used in fruit juices, jelly, cakes, confectionery, etc.
3. Also, used as a flavouring agent in ice cream, sweets, bakery & biscuit products, baby foods, fruit chutney, snack food, food premixes for sweets, soft drink concentrates, milk based products, etc.