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Prickly pear is a fruit that grows on the leaves of the Nopales cactus. Prickly pear is rich in many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. These make it a wonderful and healthy addition to your diet for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Their low cholesterol and saturated fat content make them a suitable option for many people across the globe who are suffering from obesity and heart disease. These versatile fruits are not a hassle to cut or prepare. 

Additional Description

Eat Holy Natural's Prickly Pear Fruit Powder & Stay Healthy..!! 

Health Benefits:

1. Potential role in weight control
2. Helps lower cholesterol
3. Source of essential Micronutrients
4. Blood sugar regulations
5. Soothes the stomach
6. Prevents the liver
7. Immune system Booster
8. Stroke prevention
9. Promotes Digestive health
10. Helps achieve smoother skin
11. Makes the hair shiny


1. Add to raw juices
2. As a supplement
3. For Medicinal uses
4. For a natural Prickly Pear flavor, mix 1-2 tablespoons of the powder into any drink, smoothie, yogurt, or other food.

Before using Prickly Pear Fruit Powder to treat any medical condition, please consult your physician.