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Custard Apple Powder is a fruit of the tree Annona squamous. It is sweet in taste due to higher fructose and reducing sugar content.  The flavour is sweet and pleasant, akin to the taste of 'traditional' custard. Custard Apple powder is manufactured by processing the fresh fruits into pulp and are later run into spray dryer. 

Custard Apple is a good source of a number of compounds like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fibers etc. and the presence of these compounds make them very beneficial for us. Custard apples are good sources of potassium and magnesium which help keep the blood pressure levels in control. For those with fluctuating blood pressure levels, a custard apple fruit a day will help keep them in control. It also assists in digestion.

Custard apple is great for healthy skin, healthy hair and better eyesight. It plays a role in moisturisation and anti-aging. 

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Holy Natural's Sweet & Yummy Custard Apple Powder..!!


1. It can be used in soups, sauces, dry mixes and seasonings.
2. Custard apple may be used as substitute of milk by making the fruit into beverages.
3. Also useful in candy fillings, desserts, breakfast cereals, yogurt flavoring and in any application where a fresh fruit flavor is desired.