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INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Alfalfa Seeds

Alfalfa sprouts come from a germinated alfalfa seed and are a great, nutritious addition to meals. Alfalfa sprouts are very low in calories but provide a number of vitamins and minerals, which makes them a perfect supplemental item to add to your favourite meals.

Additional Description

Alfalfa Seeds Benefits and Uses: 

» Boost Immunity: Alfalfa Contains a high amount of Vitamin C. Consuming one serving of alfalfa sprouts can satisfy 15% of required daily intake of vitamin. Vitamin C is known for boosting immunity.

» Alfalfa seeds Nutrition facts: Alfalfa is low in calories. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and fiber. It is usually consumed as sprouts or as an herbal supplement. Alfalfa contains vitamins K and C, folate, manganese, copper, riboflavin, magnesium, and iron.

» Decrease Cholesterol Level: Alfalfa seeds contain saponins that might be very effective in decreasing cholesterol levels. It decreases the absorption of cholesterol in the gut that assist in regulating the cholesterol level. 

» High nutritional value: Alfalfa seeds are not only enriched with vitamins but also have high nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. All these nutrients collectively improve metabolic health.

» Direction to Use:

óBest Way to Use: Sprouts of alfalfa seed: First, place the seeds in a bowl or jar. Then, fill with water: use around 2-3 times the amount of water to seeds. Keep them in a dark place at room temperature for 8-12 hours. Once you've soaked your seeds and started the germination process, the next stage is to rinse and drain them until they start sprouting.

óEasy to use and ready to use: Our alfalfa seed is easy to use any Salad and diet recipes. You can made Alfalfa juice, Smoothies, diet beverages, and salad and diet food.