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Cocoa powder comes from cocoa beans that grow in pods on the cacao tree. Cocoa powder offers a rich taste and bold chocolate flavour without the unwanted sugars and additives. Bake healthy, yet delicious brownies, cookies and chocolate cake using our high quality cocoa powder. Our cocoa powder is a European style (Dutch processed) which neutralizes the pH of cocoa. Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder is rich in flavanoids, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

1. Cocoa powder is a key ingredient to chocolate, chocolate syrup, and chocolate confections.
2. Make delicious cookies, cakes, chocolates or even granola bars.
3. You can also make hot/cold milk shakes, frappe, etc.
4. Use in chocolate brownies, muffins, cakes and desserts.

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